This is a blog containing posts authored by William Davis for the purpose of sharing information, significant updates and relevant news in the light of the DePuy hip recall. The entirety of the situation is overwhelming; recipients of the defective hip implants probably do not know who to trust, and where to start knowing the latest news.

This site will keep you on track of the who’s, what’s and why’s of the whole DePuy hip recall issue. If you are a victim of the recall, or know of a loved one who has been affected by it, this site will help you gain insight. In here, you will be guided as to what decision to make. If you are also seeking for a good DePuy hip recall lawyer, then you have visited the right site.

As far as the hip recall is concerned, nothing is more important than the defense of your rights. Justice should be served if your rights have been violated. This site, at least in a small yet significant way, can help you achieve that.