Hip Replacement System Selections

Various hip replacement device designs are a

vailable in the market. The devices come in metal-on-plastic, all-ceramic and all-metal designs. It is important for patients who will have hip replacement to understand the procedure and be knowledgeable on the nature of the hip implants.  Metal-on-metal hip implants do not compare well with the other types, according to the recent researches done on the implant. Below are the implant specifications:
This implant is generally recommended for most patients.Here, both the ball and the socket of the hip joint are replaced with metal prosthesis and a plastic spacer is placed in-between. The metals used are either titanium, stainless steel or a mix of cobalt and chrome. Polyethylene plastic makes up the liner.This implant is generally recommended for older and less active patients since the plastic liner is more susceptible to erosion. The implant is projected to last for seven to 10 years before a revision surgery will be needed.
This type of hip implant uses cobalt-and-chrome combination on its articulation surfaces. Metal-on-metal and metal-on-plastic basically use the same materials.However there is no plastic piece inserted in-between. Cobalt and chrome is 10 times more resistant to wear compared to metal and plastic. Because this implant is more stable and lasts longer, it is generally recommended for younger and active patients. Experts are worried about the frictional-release of metal ions into the blood which may potentially put the human body in danger. When the implant wears out, some metal particles may be released into the bloodstream which may reach a toxic level.
The aluminum oxide ceramic makes up the parts of this implant. The design of this implant is considered to be the most resistant to wear. When compared with the other implants, this is smoother and can take more on scratches.While metal and plastic may be deformed under stress, a ceramic does not. Ceramic components may break inside the body in one of 25,000 cases.
There is no universal agreement as to the best hip implant.Therefore it is important to talk to a health care expert about this and explore all possible options. Likewise, a surgeon who had been using the implant and doing the procedure is an advantage. The hip implant to be used must be appropriate for your case and will give you the most benefits. Choosing the implant cautiously may help lessen complications brought about by hip implants, as what happened in the DePuy hip replacement recall.








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