Hip Replacement Recall Alarms Dorset County Hospital Patients

News about hip replacement recalls and problems with metal replacement joints have caused the Dorset Country Hospital to be flooded with calls from its hip replacement patients.

The patients are worried that they may be affected by reports claiming that thousands of people are having blood tests amid fears they are being poisoned by their metal replacement hips.

Dorset, however, is assuring its patients that the DePuy ASR hip resurfacings that are being recalled have not been used at the hospital.

According to consultant orthopaedic surgeon Peter Ward, problems have been highlighted with this particular hip resurfacing where metal on metal wear debris causes local tissue damage.

“I can reassure our patients that we have never used this particular resurfacing at Dorset County Hospital. Furthermore, none of our total hip replacements have had metal on metal bearings. We have used another brand of metal implant for some hip resurfacing procedures, and as a precaution we have already contacted these patients,” insisted Ward, adding that all their resurfacing patients are kept under regular review.

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