Approximately A Billion Was Reserved By Johnson & Johnson For DePuy Settlements

An amount reaching $922 million was set aside by DePuy Orthopaedics’ parent company, Johnson & Johnson, to cover for the lawsuits and settlement the orthopedic device manufacturer has received from hundreds of patients who have been affected by the defects of hip replacement devices, ASR XL Acetabular System and ASR Hip Resurfacing System. Johnson & Johnson had a net earning last year of $61.6 billion and for last year’s quarter, it reported an earning of $15.64 billion.

There are about 93,000 individuals who have had the ASR hip replacement devices implanted. Although only hundreds have filed lawsuits against the company, many believe that the number could reach thousands. Affected individuals experience symptoms such as pain, inflammation, dislocation, difficulty walking and even cobalt and chromium poisoning. One in eight recipients need an invasive and risky revision hip surgical procedure to repair the damage inflicted by the defective devices. A study conducted by the Australian National Joint Registry have uncovered these information prompting DePuy to recall both products in 2007. At least two years have passed when DePuy withdrew the same hip replacement devices from the worldwide market. It’s easy to deduce that DePuy had known of their ASRs failure and side effects long way before the global recall.

A claims process was immediately set up by DePuy following the recall. This was done for the purpose of giving affected recipients the option to let the company reimburse them for “reasonable and customary costs” of medical assessment and treatment. But the whole process is still subject for an eligibility review and the exact amount DePuy would pay for is entirely up to the manufacturer. If you wish to know more about the ongoing litigation against the corporate giant, feel free to visit the DePuy hip recall information website.


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