Recalled DePuy Implants Are Owned By The Recipients, Not The Maker

DePuy Hip RecallDePuy Orthopaedics, a known Johnson & Johnson division, marked history by recalling two of their unique line of hip implants: the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System. These hip implants served over 93,000 American recipients at one time, before it was known that these were defective. Thanks to the joint registries in the United Kingdom and in Australia, the high rate of revision surgeries performed was immediately noticed. It was then revealed that the ASR implants have a 13% failure rate, and can highly affect one in every eight recipients. The risk of a failed hip replacement surgery is also three times higher with a DePuy implant in contrast to non-DePuy hip devices.

People were also aware that DePuy arranged a reimbursement plan for all those who received defective hip implants. Part of this process is to convince the recipient into surrendering the recalled hip implant. They will surely not say this, but you should never give the device to them. Yes, they fashioned and manufactured it—until the time you purchased it. You alone own your DePuy hip implant, and surrendering it to the company will only give them an edge over lawsuits piled up against their name. You might not know it, but they can easily tamper the product in a smart and deceiving way to show to court that you alone are responsible for the complications after the hip replacement procedure.

No matter how friendly DePuy representatives seem, you should stay focused in the act of pressing charges. In truth, they will never declare their intentions anyway. Your ultimate goal is to achieve justice, and to claim the damages as compensation for everything that the DePuy hip recall caused you. Your lawyer can provide you with enough information about this issue, and can effectively guide you as far as filing lawsuits are concerned.


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