Recalled DePuy Hip Implants Carry Serious Health Threats

DePuy Hip recallHealth is indeed wealth. Without a good state of well-being, everything else is irrelevant. With a healthy mind and body, you are able to perform your daily tasks, and balance everything in between—family, work, friends and personal leisure. Unfortunately, disease does strike you at some point in your life, but you should be thankful for the innovations in medicine. Hip disorders, for instance, are common ailments diagnosed. As with other skeletal disorders, treatment would usually involve invasive procedures, such as a hip replacement surgery, which requires the use of a unique kind of prosthesis, a metal hip implant. Since the year 2003, DePuy has been the silent leader in the production of their own patented implants: the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System.

Patients rejoiced, others were more than grateful to have finally walked again, at least before the hidden defects started to take their toll on their recipients. Instead of the required 15-year lifespan of hip implants, the ASR devices manufactured by DePuy were bound to fail in less than five years, apparently because of their 12% failure rate—an unforgivable characteristic, if you should add. After a typical hip replacement surgery, everything seems normal. Within a couple of years, you start to feel pain, decreased mobility and an unexplained sensitivity in your insides. If you continue to neglect these symptoms, you are at an extremely high risk for developing disorders of the heart and nervous system because of the existing metallosis that the implants are causing. Metallosis is the state wherein cobalt and chromium components, from the friction within the implants, are released into the bloodstream. This is indeed not your usual health problems.

Dazed on what to do? At this point, you need to gather your strengths and consult a doctor for thorough medical assessment. After that, you ought to gather your documents pertaining to the DePuy hip recall, and hire yourself a hip recall lawyer. If it makes you feel any better, you have a thousand other complainants on the same boat.


Credits: Hip Implant Recalled Amid Concerns About Heart Failure, Dementia


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