Recipients of Recalled Hip Implants Are Liable, Says DePuy

DePuy Orthopaedics, the international manufacturer of the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System, have been a favorite topic in the news because of the high failure rate of their hip implants. An NBC Chicago report claims that in spite of the company’s announcement of a product recall, DePuy may still hold the recipients liable. Scotty MacGregor, after undergoing hip replacement, states that she cannot walk without experiencing tremendous pain. She expected that hip replacement surgeries are generally the easiest, as what most people told her. Her high hopes of 100% recovery turned sour when she knew of the defects that her implant holds.

A hip recall lawyer representing MacGregor, together with 80 other recipients of the DePuy implants, said that the company is informing the patients to to turn in their bills for the device, in spite of the hip recall and the fact that DePuy ‘admitted’ that their devices are mediocre. The patients themselves are even paying for the expenses needed for additional procedures.

The entirety of the DePuy hip replacement recall is absurd. The reason why consumers chose DePuy hip implants was because, clearly, they trusted the company too much to even give them the benefit of the doubt. Thousands of victims invested huge sums of money to purchase expensive implants, such as those that DePuy irresponsibly manufactured, only to get disappointed in the end. Instead of the expected 15-year lifespan of metal implants, the ASR devices from DePuy were only good to last for a couple of years. To the dismay of the public, it even lasted for only a few months for some recipients. How can DePuy just tell their former loyal clients that they can be held liable for the defects, when the patients only wanted a successful post-operative outcome?

Clearly, DePuy will not easily give in to the demands of the patients. If you are a victim of the hip recall, you have every right to claim monetary compensation for all the hardships that you went through. Consult your hip recall lawyer now, weigh your options, and file a lawsuit.

Credits to: Company Says Patients Liable for DePuy Hip Replacement


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