Doctors Received Compensation from DePuy

The title itself is self-explanatory. According to an article cited below, there are actually a number of physicians involved with DePuy Orthopaedics. The company, apparently, paid a number of these surgeons in varying amounts. If you want to get a full view of the list, it can be found in the company’s official website, although it is not as conspicuous as it should be, which is quite understandable. This may be mainly because they also have their own reputation to protect, and that they are bound to be ‘transparent’, as set forth by laws.

Is there really a need to pay these surgeons a certain sum of money? What exactly is this so-called compensation for? What else would it give to the doctors? For the recipients of the defective hip implants, they might have an issue with who to trust, considering that they have been implanted with malfunctioning devices, let alone experience the consequences of wearing one. Truly, it is not challenge you get to face everyday, such as a power failure or a stain in your clothes.

Complaining endlessly and filing a lawsuit after the DePuy hip recall was announced is only natural. DePuy cannot expect the victims to just grudge about the whole thing, and forget about the issue after a month’s worth of denial and self-pity. It would take a whole lot more than just that. With Johnson & Johnson as their parent company, and with the millions of dollars that they have, they can do more than just manufacture a bunch of flawed metal hip implants.

Credits to  – Did your DePuy Hip Surgeon Receive Compensation from DePuy?


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