More DePuy Hip Recall Lawsuits in Canada

Even Canadians are clamoring for justice because of the life-threatening complications of DePuy hip implants, particularly the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing. In line with this, class-action lawsuits are now being filed, especially when these lawsuits are concentrated in Montreal. In America alone, 93,000 clients have already been catered by DePuy since 2003. In Canada, around 23,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed each year. Given this enormous figure, you can only imagine how a successful hip replacement benefits a desperate patient, and how hip disorders affect people without targeting any specific age group. After all, hip diseases do not choose anyone—even a seemingly newborn can have hip dysplasia.

50-year-old Canadian Eric Mets underwent a hip replacement surgery a few years back, but he endured two years of pain afterwards. He is not able to play hockey anymore, let alone feel that sense of fulfillment by watching and teaching the sport as he used to feel before. What patients like Eric need is a good and functional implant to fulfill their deepest hopes—to live a normal and healthy life, to spend holidays with family, and to develop a fruitful career. Apparently, DePuy only gives out false hopes to the consumers, because their implants are bound to fail after a few years of use. The estimated failure rate of their devices is at 12-13%, which is downright unforgivable. You should bear in mind that the cost of a hip implant is not inexpensive, not to mention the skyrocketing expenses once the hip replacement surgery is performed.

If you are a victim of the DePuy hip recall, waste no time to see your doctor, then gather whatever evidences you have, especially your recalled hip implant. Get the best hip recall lawyer you can find, and have your claims evaluated.

Credits: Lawsuits launched against hip implant manufacturers


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