Recipient of Recalled DePuy Hip Implant Talks of Her Pain

Alison Pulito, a 48-year old mother of two, suffered from dysplasia ever since she was a child. Even after giving birth to children, she still experienced great pain, which affected her social life. Surgically repairing her cartilages were not enough; the relief was only short-lived. After serious consideration, she finally mustered the courage, and the money, to undergo a hip replacement surgery. Being a former health care consultant, she has significant medical background that will truly help her in making an informed choice. Since she heard a lot of good reviews about DePuy Orthopaedics, the leading manufacturer of the ASR devices since 2003, she chose to purchase one of their implants when she was about to go into surgery. The relief was overwhelming, in a positive way of course, since she can spend time with her kids and immerse with their activities at the school, park or anywhere else.

Sadly, the metal implant’s therapeutic effect only gave her relief for a couple of months. After about five months, she experienced tremendous pain, to her surprise. Then other recipients started to complain as well. Then DePuy issued a product recall. Then the Food and Drug Administration admitted that the company never really surrendered their ASR devices for standard testing procedures. Now the legal battle starts, and the poor victims have to undergo a ‘revision surgery’, a second hip replacement, to take out the faulty hip implant. Even if DePuy’s sales drop significantly, this will never equate how the recipients suffered the complications of such defective hip implants. The consequences of the company’s negligence are unfortunately left for the consumers to suffer. Thousands, probably, are now experiencing chronic pain, loss of tissue and other life-threatening post-operative complications following the surgery with the malfunctioning implant.

How many people out there like Mrs. Pulito have had their high hopes disappointed? How many more victims, who, like her, invested thousands of dollars for the sake of optimum well-being, and to spend more time with family? How many recipients are still there, too frightened and apprehensive, to even stand up to a very rich and influential company? All these never would have happened if it were not for DePuy’s sheer lack of responsibility and dedication. Stand up for your rights, and file a lawsuit now concerning the DePuy hip recall.



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