Defective DePuy Hip Implants: Know the Danger Signs

The issue concerning DePuy Orthopaedics’ creation and design of defective implants has been a favorite hot topic lately. Painful as it may sound, if you are a recipient of a DePuy ASR implant, there is no turning back. You would be very lucky if you do not fall under the 13% failure rate of the metal implants. Otherwise, you have to stay strong to combat whatever setbacks you face because of the faulty device. That said, there are many danger signs that signal the occurrence of complications caused by the implantation of a defective prosthesis.

Chronic pain: This kind of pain lasts too long than usual, and may not be relieved by common over-the-counter drugs. Pain can be felt at the hip, lower back and the area around the groin. Pain is especially stimulated by movement, and is usually described as sharp and sometimes, excruciating.

‘Loose’ feeling in the hip: It may sound a bit odd, but you would know once you have felt it. You feel that something has disengaged in your hip, and this may often accompany a clicking sound, especially during sudden movement.

Decreased mobility: Physical movement is more difficult than usual, and you will realize that you cannot move within the normal range of mobility, especially during standing up.

Hip dislocation: This is the feeling that the hip is not in its normal position, so that both hips are not in balance with each other. This is most noticeable during significant hip and leg activities, such as standing up and lowering down.

Knowing the danger signs of a failing hip implant will do wonders in preventing more serious complications to happen, such as permanent disability and cancer. Always make it a point to consult a good doctor, and seek the professional help of a hip replacement lawyer to file a lawsuit concerning the DePuy hip recall. It is about time that you get paid for the damages brought about by the defective hip implant.

Source: DePuy Hip Replacement Signs of Trouble


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