DePuy Hip Recall Victims Urged to Seek Immediate Legal Counsel

Indeed, the issue regarding DePuy Orthopaedics’ design of defective implants, particularly ASR Hip Resurfacing System, and the ASR XL Acetabular System, have stirred a whirlwind of conflict against hurt and angry recipients. Who would not? These victims have spent too much money, time and effort just to save whatever that is left of them. They believe that undergoing an elective surgery, specifically a hip replacement, will alleviate or treat their underlying hip disorders. With DePuy implants’ failure rate of 12-13% however, the ideal 15-year lifespan of any implant looks impossible to attain. After the company issued a recall last August 2010, people were alarmed, some too taken aback to even make a move. The defective implants should be taken out, surgically. Technically, this means that the recipient should undergo a second surgery, one which they call a ‘revision surgery’ to revise whatever mistake, so to speak. Improper fitting, metal debris and abnormal tissue growth should be ‘revised’.

Recipients of the hip implants should, therefore, consult a lawyer, especially one specializing in personal injury cases. If you are a victim of the DePuy hip recall, only a skilled lawyer can evaluate your legal claims against the company. Do remember that DePuy has a number of limitations regarding reimbursements, which will not exactly give you just compensation for the damages that you have suffered from the injury. Furthermore, they have a long list of bribed doctors to help convince you, in a subtle manner, to drop the charges you filed against them. It sounds quite unfair, isn’t it?

If you do not want to fall into this kind of biased scheme, you are encouraged, instead, to seek a lawyer who will help you calculate the damages. Rottenstein lawyers are a group of competent professionals known for their skill and experience in handling personal injury cases. If all is well, your hip recall lawyer will correctly estimate the monetary value fair enough to compensate you for the damages that you have incurred from DePuy. Now, that seems more reasonable.




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